Monday, May 13, 2013

Swimmer Boy!

Best swimming I have seen for ages little boy!

No hop,skip,jumping across the pool.

No swim,swim,stop,stand up,feet down,look around and then swim,swim again.

Nope....none of that....instead real swimming.

The sort where you push onwards and persevere and you don't put your feet down,not once

Not. At. All.

And we all smile,coz we all know it's good.

I smile at you,you smile back at me,my dad smiles at you and you smile back at him.

And I turn to my dad and say;

"Did you see that?He didn't put his feet down!"

And my dad says;

"No,he didn't put his feet down"

And we both smile together.

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  1. I really need to take my lot swimming again soon.... Well done on that swimming milestone!

    1. Hello Charlotte,we go swim lessons every Thursday and it was great to see my young one attempt more 'swimming'last week.I think he needs to get it into his head to push on just that bit more instead of putting his feet down so readily and fingers crossed it looks like that may be going to happen :-)