Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Witch
We honestly saw a witch today
When we were together, out at play.
We were just walking,talking,chattering away,
And she strolled right by us with not a word to say.

We turned to each other in big surprise,
We honestly couldn't believe our eyes.
Was it a witch? How could this be?
In amongst the lakes and trees.

She didn't have a broomstick or a cat,
But she did have a pointy,big,black hat.
And a cloak that billowed around,
It was so long it touched the ground.

We turned to gaze after her,as she strode along,
We still couldn't believe it,it felt very wrong.
Witches shouldnt be out in the middle of the day
And certainly not where little children play.

No,they belong in the dark of the night,
Where they fly through the air and cause terrible fright.
They,come out when the stars fill the skies
And terrible creatures skulk round in disguise.

We called out "Hello"
But the witch didn't stop.
She carried on walking
And her pace didn't drop.

Where was she going,on this bright sunny day
We truly didn't have many words to say.
So we simply stood as still as stone,
And watched as she strode off alone.

When she had disappeared from view
we stared at each other unsure what to say or do.

"That was a witch" I whispered in awe
"Are you sure?" whispered back a scared little boy.
"Yes" I said "Did you not see her hat!"
"Yes" he replied "But where was her cat?"

I did not know where her cat was, or even her broom
Perhaps she had left them locked up, in her dark spookity room

And where was her room?
We looked all around
And then we found it
Above the trees and the ground

A tower with a turret in a old ruined Abbey.
The perfect hideout for a witch and her scallies.

Although the day was bright and sunny
The sight of the witch had made our tummies feel funny.
We decided to go back to the car
And drive away fast and very far.

Back, to our, safe little home
Where you can be sure, no witches roam.

We took a photo of what we saw that day.
Below is the evidence of when a witch walked our way.
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  1. Oh my gosh, this is fabulous and actually really creepy - especially with that photo at the end! :) Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought again lovely x

    1. Hiya Vic!Thanks so much for the feedback,it really meant a lot to me. The photo spooks my son out! To this day,he shudders when he sees it!Mind you its not every day that you see a witch when you're out at play! Thanks for hosting #P4T its a place where I hope to learn from some great poem writers :-)

  2. Lovely! This really sets off your imagination- where would a witch be going on a sunny day?

    1. Exactly Helen! Where would she be going on such a sunny day and especially walking where little children play! It did add a certain something to our sunny autumn trip out :-)

  3. Really enjoyed that and love the pic to finish off.

    1. Thank you so much! I ended up being quite proud of it :-)

  4. Fabulous! Mysterious and jolly at the same time x

    1. Thanks Helen! I sat down after putting my young one to bed and the poem just flowed, I was quite amazed! x

  5. wow how exciting seeing a witch walk by!!

    lovely poem honey x

    1. It was exciting Jaime! And pretty spooky too! My young one still gets spooked when h sees the photo.Mind you,I think his mummy did a bit of hyping the situation up :-) x

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you!It was indeed something we wont forget in a hurry!