Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stickers At Bedtime
We always enjoy bedtime here.

Chips loves going to bed and will ask to go to bed about 6.45 every night,he is a sleepy boy who gets tired out and therefore needs a earlyish bedtime.

We always read before I tuck him in for the night,at the moment we are on book three of Enid Blytons Mystery Series,we love these books and I can see them keeping us busy for the foreseeable future,we have 13 more in the series! 

And now we have got another nice little routine going.

Chips is doing a comic after story time.
He likes to stick all the stickers in and then read the story before he drops off to sleep.

Its something nice to look forward to each night.

He's happy sticcking the stickers in and loves the anticipation of something new each night.

im happy because he is using all these comics up!

Win/Win ~ The Jobs A Good Un!

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