Sunday, May 5, 2013

Magic Moment ~ Sraight As A Pencil
On Thursday I DID have a magic moment! 

And I was so very excited about it!

Afterwards the day deteriorated into the usual Thursday mad scramble of shopping,swimming and madness but for one hour in
the morning the sun shone and all was well in my little world of motherhood.

It was voting day and when you work in a school you sometimes get the day off on voting days!

What a treat,let out on a normal run of the mill working day,for anyone who works in a school this is magic.

Yep I know we get good,no brilliant holidays but to have a day off midweek is fantastic because it meant I could walk my little one to school! 

Iam very lucky and work right next door to my sons school so normally I take him to work with me and then his best friends mum pops in and watches him walk over to the junior school,this works fine but what a treat to have mummy in the school yard in the morning.

The day dawned and it was indeed a beautiful morning,Chips eagerly got dressed and was chomping at the bit,very ready to take Mummy down to the school playground and show her the ropes.

We set of for school

and these were the only two photos I got,as I thought it wasn't a good idea to take photos on the school playground,for those memories I'm relying on my memory to paint a picture with my words on this blog!

Me and my shadow
On arrival at school I was struck by the noise and colours and movement on the playground.

Children were everywhere!

We walked through the biggies,the year sixes and fives and they did seem so much older than Chips.
They were grouped by the play equipment and a couple of them were playing a ball game.
Chips gripped my hand tightly as we passed them and I could feel his grip lessen as we approached the year four section of the playground.

This part of the playground is quite pretty,as it has trees with benches around the tree trunks where the children put their school bags,costs,etc before diving off to meet their friends.

There were groups of children scattered all over.

Some on the trim trail,some girls chattering away to a teacher,some came to talk to me and Chips spotted his two friends on the field and ran over to join them.

My friend wandered over to see me and we stood having a natter and watching the children play until the bell went.

At the sound of the bell it was action stations for the children as pretty much immediately they flew to their class lines and stood waiting for their teachers - oh what powers these teachers have and the children were so aware of what they should be doing and how they should be doing it - quietly and orderly!

Chips teacher came out and spoke to her class and the way she did it made me smile,so calmly,without a batting a eyebrow and boy did those children listen and respond!You could see immediately that the teacher had got that class exactly where she wanted them,with the minimum of movement she greeted them for the day

" Pencil Straight Clever Crocs

"You are doing a Elvis,Hollie,collar down.

"I can see bunching at the back,Chips move in"

She then gave instructions on how the first part of the morning would flow ~ silent reading,morning work,science,booster classes and then the children filed into the classroom in a orderly line and began their day.

I loved watching,she made me smile so much,so much control but all done with care and a underlying sense of humour too,I was left with no doubt that my child was in safe hands for the day.

And with those thoughts in my head I wandered back up the school drive and proceeded to stand putting the world to rights outside my friends house for the next 50mins,not often I get the chance to do that!
Perhaps a good thing!

It was nearly ten am when I arrived home and I filled the kettle up,switched the radio on,put a load of washing on and chomped a toasty breakfast.

Bliss!That morning start was a magic moment!

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  1. awww Jess i am so pleased you had this lovely moment, I used to love the odd time i got to take beth as normally she went with a child minder.

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments for this lovely post xx

    1. Thanks Jaime,it did indeed mean a awful lot to me :-) sometimes when you dont have something on a regular basis it makes you really appreciate it.Thanks for hosting such a lovely linky xx

  2. Glad you had this special moment. I was luky and got to take J everyday - there were some great playground moments.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah,my morning on the playground did mean a lot to me :-)