Tuesday, May 28, 2013


You are flight
Born to move,jump,leap and fly

Even before birth
Flying and somersaulting around

I should have known then
I did know,I always knew

Never still
Always on the move,feet that hardly touch the ground

You are my child born with fire in your belly
And a heart full of dare

Your energy knows no bounds
Bikes,sand dunes,skateboards and walls are your toys

You make me smile child of mine
Why walk when you can fly!


The prompts were searching or flight 

Im quite surprised that I chose flight because searching is such a familiar word to me,I spend most of my life searching in one form or another but when I ran the words through my head a picture formed and flight became obvious to me.
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  1. Oh Jess, this was WONDERFUL! I love it! You've captured the spirit of the prompt and obviously also the beautiful spirit of your child in this poem. Reading it made my spirits soar! Thank you so much for joining in at Two Shoes Tuesday! :-)

    1. Phew,it was ok then!Thanks Josie for your comment its made me really happy!I really enjoyed thinking it out and I tried to capture the movement of my boy.Movement is integral to his character and that's what I tried to convey. Im looking forward to reading some other posts :-)

  2. This would have applied to my son too. Excellent.

    I chose search as my prompt. It took me all the way back to my childhood.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

    1. Thanks Sandee,I have three boys and there is only one of them that this would be applicable too :-) movement is his trademark!When you have a child that moves you sure know about it,dont you!I cant wait to pop over and read your entry,see you soon x

  3. Delightful post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Patricia,your words mean a lot as its not so easy for me to write like this but I do like to give it a go and Im usually quite proud of the finished result x

  4. This is a warm and wonderful take on this prompt. I love poetry and write it often, so I look forward to more of your writing too.

    1. Thank you Ann,as I have just said to Patricia,this kind of writing does not come easily to me.Its something I would have just thought I couldnt do until recently when I had a go at a prompt on the internet and since then its enticed me totally.I love having a prompt and I love buzzing words round in my head until they fit,its a bit like playing with words,isnt it!
      When I first posted this piece I was so nervous that it was 'right' for Josies linky I nearly didnt read her first comment...Im so glad that I did read it! X

  5. excellent...I really liked "heart full of dare" nice writing