Friday, May 10, 2013

My cage has been rattled this week by people being so rude and condescending to people who work in supermarkets.

I work in a nursery and if anything is ever going wrong job wise people will always say 

"Well there is always Morrisons"


"I may as well go and work at Morrisons" 

And my own son yesterday said it

"If I fail my A-levels there is always Morrisons" 

 Hang about what are you trying to say?!?

 Life is heavenly at Morrisons?

People there are still bosses at Morrisons and while some may be fair,some may not.

There are deadlines to meet and some staff that don't pull their weight and others that do.

There will be cliques,wherever there are people there will be cliques,that's just human nature. 
There will be job disappointment as promotions are offered and some will get it whilst others will not.

New rules will come in and the staff will moan and the supervisors will have the job of saying things that the workforce do not like.
Happens everywhere guys,yep even at Morrisons

I just hate how easy people seem to think it is to get a job at Morrisons and how they think life is oh so easy working in Morrisons or any of the big supermarkets.

To me it's so flipping condescending or perhaps I'm reading it wrong!

What do you think?Anybody work in one of the big supermarkets?Is life all peaches and cream there?Tell all,I for one would love to know!

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  1. I don't work at Morrisons, or any other supermarket but I see what you mean. I teach and TA, the latter having a pretty dire salary and I have been guilty of saying "I may as well go and work at Asda!". For that I apologise ;) x

  2. That's exactly what I mean :-) People DO say it dont they!It seems a stock phrase round my parts and it has been dinging in my head.Next time you say it think of me and grin!Thanks for commenting xx

  3. I worked for Tesco's when I was a student, to earn extra cash. If I needed money, and HAD to work in a supermarket, I would, obviously, you do what you have to do, but from experience, I wouldn't willingly get a job there. They pushed long hours, were very demanding, and the pay was crap! That was a few years ago, but I can't imagine they have changed that much!

    1. Aha!This is what I suspected!Not such a easy option after all then!It bugs me so much when people say it as a throw away comment!

  4. I worked at Tesco's during my college years too, personally I loved it, but it was pretty much my first ever job and I hadn't got anything to compare it to! In retrospect I had to do some rubbish things! One of my main jobs was pouring away off milk down a big drain at the end of the night!! Hardly scintillating!

    You're right though, it is used as a silly throwaway comment and it very much annoys me too!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Thats hit the nail on the head Kate,its such a throwaway comment and thats why it makes me growl!My teen is so liking these comments about people who have worked in a supermarket and Im oh so righteous and giving him the raised eyebrows and then knowing look and the words 'See,not so easy eh'

  5. oh dear I'm guilty of this, my supermarket of choice when I say I hate my job is Waitrose though - I always have this idyllic view of Waitrose, almost as if being surrounded by lovely expensive food is all I need in a job! I know this is ridiculous, but the John Lewis discount is also rather tempting... I don't think I mean it in a derogatory way, I think I genuinely thought all is well when you work in a supermarket, which of course as you point out it is not (and the pay wouldn't sustain us either). thanks for making me rethink that.

    1. Hi its me,Jess,the woman who said 'Hey working at Morrisons is not all heaven like :-)'
      Thanks for your comment last week,I was so interested to hear what people had to say about my little supermarket rant.I was amazed that people from ALL over the country say this kind of thing,it must be classed as a easy kind of job in peoples minds!But as any worker knows a boss is a boss and a deadline is a deadline and everywhere in life seems to want blood out of stones these days,dont they,and that includes supermarkets!
      Isnt it funny though how so many people say this!