Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I love the radio and at the moment I love Smooth Radio.

I love the DJs,the music,the lovely warm feeling it gives me when I turn the radio on ~ it's very predictable,I like the songs,I like the chatter,I just love the whole Smooth thing.

I have passed this love onto Chips,he creases me up when he yells out 'Ooo I like this one' and it's a absolute classic old tune that you wouldn't expect a nine year old to like....yep that's the beauty of Smooth...classic oldies all day long....

Then there's the Smooth bits and pieces ~ The 1000 Minute,The Golden Hour and of course Our Tune.

These are all on the Smooth Breakfast Show hosted by my favourite DJ Simon Bates.

It's such a blast from my past ~ Simon Bates and Our Tune,flippin eck I can remember being at home and listening to him and Our Tune.I think I even had a Our Tune book full of the soppy love stories and the songs that went with them.

I wake up in a morning,stumble blearily into the kitchen,switch the kettle on and then the radio is the very next thing to be turned on and Simon Bates deep voice washes over me,yep the radio and a cuppa are the two staple things in a morning that pull me through the nightmarish job of doing the lunch boxes,breakfasts,school bags etc.

I have different schedules for joining in with the radio,my normal weekday schedule where I listen to the £1000 minute and then my school holiday schedule where I listen to Our Tune and then frazzle my brain with the Golden Year.

The Our Tune slot is nice.I sit next to Chips on the sofa,dunking biscuits in my cuppa and sniffing at the sad/happy love stories....Chips can easily identify the Our Tune theme tune and knows to be quiet so that Mummy can 'listen.'

The Golden Year is much more frantic,as I pace around trying to guess the year that the songs came from.I work out in my head how old I was at the time the song was in the charts and I do some right mathematical working out,which for me is never easy.

Chips laughs at lot at this and loves me to have a go.I have even had my tweets read out by Simon Bates himself and this makes Chips smile even more!

Mostly I'm wrong but just sometimes Iam actually right!

Now Chippie is beginning to realise that there is a regular sports slot too,7.40 that is,Chips even knows the presenters name - Johnny Gould - I'm beginning to find him with his head right next to the radio,avidly listening in to Johnny,it makes his morning to listen to a dedicated sports news slot!

I listen to PatMan ( Pat Sharp if you didn't know ) in the afternoons and Smooth Carlos in the evenings.

Sharky has a right sarky tone to his voice when he says 'Oooo Smooth Carlos!

The only thing I don't like are all the adverts.

I don't want to listen to 'do you want your PPI back' or about 'dental implants' or about 'eye disease that can blind you within 3 months' but I guess it's a small price to pay and although the adverts do get on my nerves I still listen in to Smooth so they can't bother me that much.

So for the time being its Smooth Radio all the way for me....nothing like a bit of Smooth.

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