Sunday, April 28, 2013

All That Glitters.... Or So They Say
A old post rehashed for Jaime at The Olivers Madhouse
Ahh Mothers Day...the day when you see everyone post about what wonderful pressies they have received and what a fab day they have had,how they have been totally looked after,breakfast in bed,dinners cooked,you know all that kind of stuff....maybe....perhaps....or even not....

You go to work and everybody says "What did you get for Mothers Day" and they enthral you with tales of meals out and jewellery and 'care' a biggie that one,isn't it, 'care,' interesting word. 

And I can instantly tell who has had a fuss made of them and who hasn't had quite the fuss they probably deserve. 
I saw more of the 'lucky,self satisfied brigade' but I also saw a few well deserving people who didn't get the nurturing they perhaps yearned for.

Im not sure exactly where I fall on this one.I love the handmade stuff I really do but if someone brought me a shiny trinket I wouldn't say no 
and I would prob go pretty squeeeee!

But is all that glitters gold....?

Let me tell you my Mummys Day story,it made me smile and warmed my goes

On the Saturday before Mothers Day Chips and I trundled off up to Morrisons to look for suitable items for the mums in our life's and on the way Chips decided he was going to chose something for me all by himself.

When we arrived there the shop was packed,lots of people were doing their normal Saturday shopping but many were out to find that last minute gift for their beloved mums.

The flower stand was crowded and so was the card stand,you had to literally squeeze in between people and hope for the best as everybody tried to get the most suitable card possible.

Young Chips found a card pretty quickly,I think he was more at ground level than all of us grown ups and could access the bottom level of the stand quite easily.

I then gave him the choice of choosing something for me,either chocolate or flowers or anything actually,as I saw how desperately he wanted to buy something for his mummy and to do it all by himself.

I gave him a couple of pounds and held my breath as he strolled off into the crowded shop,past the pizzas,past the deli,round the corner near the fish counter until he disappeared from view.

Lots of questions flicked through my mind....

Would he negotiate the crowded shop without causing chaos

Would he make his way safely back to me

What a earth would he choose!

I carried on choosing my Mothers Day cards and tried not to panic,that didn't quite work though and inside I was thinking "Eek,what an earth have I let him do"

I couldn't hear any alarms ringing though and there were no obvious crashing sounds,so perhaps things were ok.

I finished sorting my cards out and then went to find him and this is where it gets funny and to this day,about 8 weeks later,I still smirk at the memory,
he was in the chocolate department.
Yes the chocolate department!

And the chocolate department was full of half price chocolate,yummity scrummity chocolates that I loved.... After Eights,Big,Big boxes of Milk Tray,Huge boxes of Thorntons,oh I was ready for a real treat and he walked towards me clutching some precious Mothers Day treat to his chest and it was.... a packet of Twix!!!A bloomin packet of Twix and they were not even at a bargain price!!!We were going to have to pay more for Twixs than Thorntons!!!

Oh I hate to say this Chips but I could have died! I'm not even that fond of Twixes,I mean they are ok but compared to Thorntons no way!

I looked at all the delicious chocolate that I would have adored and then I looked at Chips proud face and I knew I was going to eat Twix on
 Mothers Day.

He went to the checkout and caused many a smile as he looked so proud when he stood waiting to pay,all by himself,him and them lovely Twix bars!
The cashier knows us well and she was beaming from ear to ear
 as she served him.

I meanwhile was stood at another checkout with a big box of chocs for my mum...not Twixs!

You know though,those Twix bars were special and when I ate them I absolutely loved them!And they left me with a memory that I wont forget for a long time,whereas a normal box of chocs would have been yummy but it wouldn't have had the smirk memory.

Thanks Chips you chose well and Mummy loved those golden wrapped Twix bars.

I finished this started but not finished post for Jaime and her #magicmomentslinky pop over and see what other magic moments people have been having at The Olivers Madhouse - Magic Moments


  1. awww this is lovely what a really proud moment! if he wants to pick my mothers day present next year he is welcome I LOVE TWIX!!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

    1. Hee!Wish I had known that you loved Twix,I would have lobbed you one Jaime!If you had seen the way he held them clutched to his chest you would have melted on the spot and the way that the cashier and the couple behind him smiled at him,it WAS a magic moment! X

  2. That was lovely what a sweetie! x

    1. Thank you Sara,it did make me smile,even though I could nearly taste those Thorntons!Knowing he had chose it himself would have made ANYTHING ok :-) It still makes me smile to this day x

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen,it was on of those occasions that meant a lot x

  4. Absolutely lovely and by far more special than any other shiny trinket or box of Thorntons, the fact he chose it and he chose it with love means so very much x

    1. Evening Nichola,yes you are right,those Twix bars had far more meaning than any expensive trinket,I wont forget them in a hurry.will I! :-)

  5. Aww bless - I love nothing more than a handmade card (normally an unrecognizable splodge)on Mothers Day!

    1. I know what you mean Kara!Im much more a homemade pressie person but I must say I did think wow when I saw on Twitter just what some mums ended up with.The Twix were perfect because I caught the look on his face when he was buying those bars and I still remember that look,it was a look of love and what can beat that :-) x

  6. Lovely post! I might try this with my son next year, I'd love to see what he chose for me!

    1. Hello Jennifer,I think little ones like to be independent and they feel so important when they do something that grown ups do like shopping and he was so excited to buy something for his mummy :-) I will definitely do it again x

  7. Oh bless him! I feel really bad for laughing, but this did really make me chuckle. Lovely post!!

    Kate xx

    1. Evening Kate,don't feel too bad for laughing,amidst the teeth gnashing I was smirking myself!All that expensive choc half price and I get 'Twix' Kids eh!!Gotta love em! X

  8. Aw what a lovely post. I'm happy to eat Twix, love *nearly all* chocolate :)

    1. Hi Charly,thanks for your comment.Those Twix were delicious,how could they not be!Not the Thorntons but the love that they were brought with made them the yummiest chocolate of all :-)

  9. Oh, this really made me smile - how lovely :) #MagicMoments

  10. Awh, I can imagine those Twix bars tasted all the more delicious because he chose them. x

  11. Awh, I can imagine those Twix bars tasted all the more delicious because he chose them. x