Monday, April 22, 2013

 Under The Bridge

Right it's Magic Moment Time!Linking up with Jaime who brings all our Magic Moments together.

This week I have chose a snippet of sparkly magic that happened while we were on a trip to comp.I have blogged here about Saturdays trip but I have choose this ten minutes of that trip to focus here goes...

Under The Bridge

This is the bridge

and this is the child that led me to the world on the other side of the river

C'mon Mum ~ You can do it!

In all my sixteen years of living here I have always stuck to the other side of the river....why....simples....that is where there is a path,the other side of the river has no path,so why would you go there,how could you even get there....

You would follow a child who doesn't follow the normal straight route....of silly of me not to know that

You would go the back way,through loads of bushes and down a steep soily banking,your feet doing that little shuffle that happens when you are going down a steep hill without anything to hold onto and you start ever so slowly and then pick up speed until your legs are going faster than you want them to and you lose control and end up at the bottom of the hill just glad to be still standing upright and not in the crumpled mess you thought you may be as you careered down the hill.
Oh the relief as you check yourself and realise you are still in one piece and relatively unscathed,well apart from the achy's a age thing!

Anyway once down we entered the world of the other side of the river.

Not many people go there,you feel quite isolated down there,all you can hear are the birds chirping and the river bubbling away.

Oh and a little voice yelling

"C'mon follow me!"

And so I followed,ducking under tree branches,pulling my feet out of squelchy,sticky mud that seemed to be getting stickier with every step we took,so much so that I began to think it was sinking mud.

And then we reached a little stream and Chips jumped over...

Now it was not a big stream by any means but it was water and to get across I was going to have to jump.

"I can't do this" I squawked to Chips.

"You can do it" he yelled back

And so I did it!And with many squeals I made it too the other side and Chips led on,looking very important in his role of leader and adventurer.

It was like a different world down there,all shadowy and mossy,damp and green.The sunlight danced on the stream and I noticed little yellow flowers clinging to the banks of the river.

And ahead of us was the bridge.

Down there I got a completely different perspective of the bridge,I noticed the other side of the bridge and the perfect circle that the rivers reflection made with the bridge.

It was so pretty!All those years and I had never looked at it like this.

Chips marched onwards until it got so muddy and boggy I had to say no and with some protests Chips did finally see that it was not wise to carry on any further.

Not for that day anyway.

Perhaps when we have wellies on who knows where we may wander and I do think I would like to see what it looks like on the other side of that bridge!

A very proud adventurer!


  1. This is lovely! He does look so proud in your picture. I'm itching to know what's on the other side.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. So am I Kate!!!One day we WILL go through the bridge! Well I'd better check the danger factor first!! :-)

  2. Another lovely adventure for your delightful young man and you to share together. Hope this will be heading to Country Kids too!

    1. Hiya Fiona :-) been a week and a half here,hence the late reply!
      Having outdoor adventures is what I do best i think :-) lets hope they always continue!

  3. what a really lovely adventure! and some lovely time together!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

    1. Thanks Jaime :-) we did have a great time exploring,a magic moment indeed x