Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Tree

We have a tradition here of hanging things from trees...for birthdays it's balloons,numerals,streamers,
anything that is pretty and makes the statement hey let's celebrate 
and at Easter it is obviously eggs.

Here are some photos of Chips collecting this years Easter Eggs.In the middle of our egg hunt we were accosted by a Jehovah's witness which kinda made it a rather memorable egg hunt! But perhaps I should leave that story for another time!

the Easter tree

collecting eggs

its intense,this egg collecting!

so many eggs,such a small basket

snipping eggs

pure concentration  
Eggcellent fun!


  1. This is he first early spring that I have been in my current home. The other day I discovered a tree with eggs tied to it, just like in your photo. They have been there for years, according to my boyfriend. When the trees leaf out, they will disappear, hidden, until the fall.

    1. Kate this comment made my morning!So there are more Easter egg trees in the world!Yay!