Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun In The Sun

It was one of those days that we had all been waiting skies and even a little bit of sunshine.

A day that begged for a walk...

And so we walked....

Down to the Comp 

Well I say walked,I walked and Chips scootered,a drink in my handbag and a new football that needed to be kicked.
We reached the footy pitches and Chips played lets boot the ball as high as I can and I sat on a bench and watched him.

I can't quite say how many times Chips shouted over to me 'Watch this' too many times really but hey wasn't I supposed to be in the zone of being present for my child and living in the watch I did.

My little footy star kicked that ball up and down the grass until his legs ached but that has to be a good thing eh,building up muscle etc

The sky was that lovely shade of blue and there were puffy little clouds floating by,it was even nearly warm!I took my hoody off but the breeze soon made me slip it back on,brave soul that Iam.Chips didn't need a jumper on though,his cheeks were pinkity pink from all the exertion of chasing that ball.

We sat on a bench and watched the world pass by,one of our favourite things to do.A helper from Chips class came by and we had a good old natter,he had just become a grandad and he showed me his lovely new grandchild...seems like a lot of people around me are becoming grandparents lately,is this the new stage in life I'm beginning to wonder!

We then went down to the river and did more muddy exploring,it's getting quite a habit now,this slip slop muddy water play.

Chips jumped over the little stream again and climbed some trees

And then we went over a side of the stream we have never been to before.

Sixteen years I have lived here and this was the first time I had explored this bit of the comp.

Chips led the way and we negotiated muddy puddles,I have imagined us getting caught in sinking sand or maybe sinking mud would be more correct,that's of there is such a thing as sinking mud!

Next time we are wondering about bringing Chips wellies so that he can have a bit of a real explore in the stream...we shall see!

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