Thursday, April 4, 2013

Midweek Splashes and Dashes
Well we have had half of week one of the Easter Hols....after such a hectic end to school we have slowed right down until we are not moving much at all...perhaps we needed a rest! 

There is chocolate all around and I'm never sure if it's best to eat the choc all at once or have a bit each day. I err on the side of let's gobble it all up and just get rid but I wouldn't like the sugar rush and the wiping up sick,so I guess the chocolate stays around for the time being.

We have slowed down to nearly zilch!Guess all that mad busy stuff that comes at the end of every term has taken its toll and whacked us all out,so we have been taking things very easy and very slowly and we like it that way!Just a family of slouches at heart I guess.Lots of wandering round in our dressing gowns,playing on iPads and phones,picking at any spare food that's lying around,maybe having a spurt of action and doing one job but then sinking back down into the bliss that is the sofa and the snugged up feeling that being together brings.

Yesterday the weather was pretty decent and the item Sharky has been waiting for all week arrived...a skateboard.

Once it was set up he went off onto the drive to try it out and was followed by his faithful companion Chippie!
I'm not sure if he wanted to be followed but he didn't get much choice in the matter....if Sharky was out,so was Chips and when Sharky went inside so did Chips.

From my point of view I loved this.It takes a lot for me to encourage Chips to play outside,I had tried earlier in the day and it worked but took some doing...he is just not a natural outside kid...but his brother only has to make one move towards the outside and Chips is after him!
And I sit and listen to the noise and smile.I hear the rough sound of the skateboard on the drive and I sometimes hold my breath as it comes to a sharp stop and I wait for the sound of voices and laughter to know Sharky is ok and living and not crumpled up and injured,you know what skateboards are like.....not the safest of things.And I hear Chips chattering on and talking to Sharky and sometimes running after him onto the cul de sac....

''Can I watch you Sharky''
"Can we go on the close''
"Can I come''

And then I hear feet chasing after the skateboard and Chips voice getting fainter and fainter as he rushes after that big brother of his.

And my kitchen door is constantly opening and closing and Chips is coming in and out of it,reporting any minute happening,it all makes me smile,I prefer the noise to the stillness of the electrical toys,as in my heart I feel this is what children should be doing. 

So plenty of time left to just chill,although I do feel soon the game has got to be upped and things got into order,for now though chillin is the name of the game.

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