Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spencer Street
I spent most of my early life living on Spencer Street.

It was my grandmas house,a middle terrace house.

It had a little yard outside and then across a gennel was a little garden.I can't remember too much about that garden except that it was overgrown and it had roses growing in it.I think that my grandma had let the garden go its own way once my grandad died and it certainly wasn't a place for
 a youngster to play in.

The only toilet was a outside one,yes boys your mum used to live in a house where you had to go outside to the toilet....even at night...even in the winter!
I can still remember how cold and scary it was to sit in the pitch black on a dark wintery night,the door had a gap at the top and you could see the starry sky as you sat there.
Not for the faint hearted is it,a outside toilet!Im not sure what my boys would make of it these days!Arent we lucky having indoor toilets!I bet my grandma would have loved a inside toilet! 

Another distinctive thing I can remember about the house was that it had closed off stairs.You opened a door in the living room and then
 went up really curly stairs.
At the top of the stairs were three bedrooms,my grandmas at the side over looking the street and over looking the back was my bedroom and further along the passage way was a closed off room.
This room scared me to death for many a long year.It belonged to my uncle who had died when he was in his early twenties,the only boy in a family of three girls,my grandma kept the room closed,locked in fact and I,Miss Spookity Dreamhead,used to imagine all kinds of horrible monsters behind that door.It really scared me to pieces.

When my grandma died I can remember that door being opened and when I peeped in there I saw it was just a ordinary room,very dusty but completely ordinary,no spooks,monsters and no ghosts!All that time being terrified by a locked room! 

I had a bedroom next to locked room and it had kitten wallpaper and I was scared of that too!I didn't like the kittens eyes!I must have been the worlds most scaredy cat child ever!
To be honest I'm still like that now!I don't like things that go bump in the night and I do find certain houses spooky.

During the previous years lots of my grandmas family had lived next to her on Spencer Street,two of her sisters and one of her daughters,but by the time I could remember anything there was just my Aunty Polly living over the road.

Lots of my earliest memories are from Spencer Street,I don't go up there very often now,when I was five I moved to a different area of town but I spent most of my school holidays and every weekend back at my grandmas house on Spencer Street.

I will always hold many memories of my time on Spencer Street,I guess even now I still think of it as home or maybe one of my homes.

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