Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 Minute Memory

Na Nites

Just stood and watched Chippie drift off to sleep.

He was curled up on his side with his covers pulled right up to his chin.

As I stood looking down at him he became aware that someone was in the room and his eyes flicked slowly open.

When he saw me he smiled a sleepy grin and looked straight at me.

I whispered "go back to sleep" and he grinned again,closed his eyes and fell to sleep.

I stood looking down at him and hoped that he would have sweet dreams and a peaceful restful sleep.

And I was aware how special it is too see your child drift off to sleep.When they are babies you often catch this moment but as they grow older you begin to not always see the exact moment your child falls asleep and when they are teens you never see this moment,heck you are fast asleep hours before they clomp up to bed.

So Im aware it's special to see your youngster fall to sleep and tonight I did!

Na Nite Chips,Sleep Tight Matey xxx

Popping this in my 2 Minute Memories section 

Chips was 9 years 2 weeks 5 days old.

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