Wednesday, April 10, 2013

 Walks and Talks
At nearly 3pm I thought I was too whacked to make the long journey up to
o the duck pond.The sun had gone in and the best made plans seemed over optimistic to say the least.But I had promised and you did seem excited Chips,so off we went.

The first thing I noticed was how peaceful it was up there today.There were quite a few people around but overall there was a peaceful feel to the afternoon.


We noticed pretty quickly that quite a few things had changed,lots of trees had been cut and there were piles of wood shavings everywhere

Chips you immediately began a stick could you come anywhere outdoors and not carry some sticks around!

Unfortunately you made the decision to throw your best stick in the pond!You did regret this...big style!Im not sure you will do that again!

These little mallards were sleepily dozing and nothing you shouted would wake them up!It didn't stop you trying though!

This is where we have seen a couple of water rats before but today the rats were sleeping too and we never saw even a whisker!

The cafe was closed,no buttery flapjack for us today.

We chatted about ducks and mallards in particular,if you said mallard once,you said it at least twenty times,probably more,much more! It made me laugh and smile though

Some friendly mallards we tried to tempt to feed.

It was such a fun time out.Im so glad we went Chips.You bounced around and chattered away happily.Lots of smiles were shared and we trolled back home in a happy mood.

So lovely to spend time with you,as always Chips time spent outside with you makes me happy inside,I hope it does the same for you,little boy ~ Mummy x

Its a bit late but Im going to enter this at Fionas Country Kids


  1. I love the story to accompany the photos, time spent outside with my children has just the same effect. I love to enjoy either chat, have a laugh and a joke, try to jump the same streams they do then join in when we all laugh at my epic fail! Happy times, thank you for sharing yours on Country Kids.

    1. Hi Fiona :-) oh yes my boys love 'mums' epic fails too!!Just sometimes I do win tho and the looks on their faces are priceless!Family time is just the best for me x