Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tues News

It was a busy buzzy day today,lots of thoughts whirring in my head and lots of things to do and plan.

It was Chippers first time at baking in his school Elsa lessons.He has been waiting to do baking forever and can you believe it ( you probably can if you know me ) we lost his baking apron.
That set us off on a mad scurry around the house,upturning drawers,destroying cupboards in a frantic search for the all elusive apron.Too no avail though,we simply couldn't find it and yet again I had a major fail on my hands,I'm the worlds biggest loser of items.

Luckily school was ok about it and we both breathed a sigh of relief.
Two weeks to either find it or buy another....guess I'd better buy a new one!

At lunch I was left wondering just how many pairs of shoes a teen
 can wear in one day.
It seems it's ok to wear one pair of shoes to go to school in the morning and then a different pair to go back to school in for the afternoon session.

Not much of a problem I hear you say....ah but does the said teen put any shoes away....no he doesn't!So I have discarded shoes left lying in our teeny kitchen,size 11 shoes that take up loads of room.And each time he goes out he gets another style of shoes out,hmmm!

Another thing today was the Americanising of our postie as my teen said

 'Has the mailman been yet?'

The mailman?!?

I thought we had postmen.

He's definitely been watching to much American rubbish tv,I may have to cut his viewing down,mailman indeed!


  1. 8h I laughed at this mailman!? Lol I totally sympathise with on the shoe front as hubby has size 13 feet and that takes up quite some room!! Xx

  2. Evening Hannah :-) so you can feel my pain about the big shoes everywhere!They take up sooooo much room!
    And yes,the mailman!I do honestly blame american rubbish tv progs!What is the world coming too!