Thursday, April 18, 2013

Splashy Smiles

Lots of things that have made me smile over the Easter goes....

Cafes... this holidays I have been introduced by my parents to the beauty of cafes...we have visited Ikea's,Asda,Jangos,the farm park cafe and Rufford Parks cafe! Normally I never go in a cafe,no time no money,but now this has changed.It seems my mum and dad never go anywhere without visiting a cafe and I have enjoyed these cafe treats.I think this hot chocolate was one of the scrummiest things ever

all squirty cream and marshmellows,just yum!


Seeing little lonely only daffodils like this when we have been out walking

Just stood on their own surrounded by grass and trees but no other flower ~ lonely only daffodils as me and Chips call them.Perhaps they are the strong daffodils and can survive where no others can or perhaps they have just grown despite whatever the nearby conditions are.Normally I see daffodils in groups,so maybe that's why I have noticed lonely only daffodils this week 


Last One Is Games ~ we played this game at Ikea,on a freezing cold blustery day,I would shout out 'Last one to touch the car' and we would all dive to touch the car first,think the favourite one was 'Last one to touch Grandad is the smelliest bum in the world' 
I can still hear Chipmunks shrieks of laughter now and the sound of our feet as we pelted up to my bewildered dad,all pushing each other out of the way to get the first touch! Funny! Well perhaps not so funny for my dad!


Snuggling up reading ~ this has been such a lovely thing these holidays.One morning Chips and I spent the whole morning snuggled on the settee,we had Easter egg for breakfast and never moved for at least 1 and a half hours.It was total bliss and afterwards i felt so relaxed.We were reading Enid Blytons Mystery book and I think I read over 100 pages that morning,i cant emphasise enough how warm,snuggly and happy we both felt...really special.


Taking Photos ~ i have taken some really nice photos these past two weeks,lots of outdoor shots,these are always my favourites.I must get my proper camera working though or the whole of Chips childhood will be on a IPhone camera and that is madness!


Walking and chattering with the kids,I did this so much and it always was just the best feeling ever,nothing ever compares with talking to these kids of mine,nothing.


This next one probably sounds very daft but it just made me and Sharky have a right old smirk attack...the amount of milk in my mum and dads trolley on the day we went Easter egg shopping,there are only two of them at home now and they had at least 8 bottles of 4pint milk!Now i know my dad drinks alot of tea but even so that is just plain ridiculous!My mum and dad couldn't understand why it amused us so much but it did!Very much so!
So thats Splashy Smiles

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