Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Guess what?

We have got another project!

Yep another project!

Now after my major fail at starting the Henry VIII project with plenty of time,I was desperate not to make the same mistake yet again!

You know the in the playground yelping to anyone who will listen

''Next time we get a project I'm going to start it straight away.I'm never going to leave it until the last moment ever again...ever''

And they all look at me and nod and say

'' Of course,dear''

And their looks say it all.

And they are right!

Absolutely right!

 Im a last minute girl...every time...even when I so desperately dont want to be.

The nightmares I have,through being a last minute girl,nasty pasty.

So wonders of wonders,on day one I have talked to Chips and we have a outline for the project!

And its sounding pretty cool!

Watch this space!

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