Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Picnic In A&E

I've had picnics in better places but today we had a picnic at A&E!

Sharky had hurt his ankle on his beloved skateboard and four days later his ankle was still giving him a lot of pain and was really swollen.

I thought it was better safe than sorry so after a day of work and school we set off for the hospital.

We arrived,signed in and then went to the waiting area to well wait!

And have a picnic!

Crisps,cheese strings and chocolate,a feast fit for kings.My mum came and replenished the food stock with sarnies from nearby Morrison's and we happily munched away and 'people watched'
.Well you have to do something while you are sat in the A&E department,no good being grumpy about the wait,in my view you may as well be happy than be fed up and sad.

We saw quite a few sights and had a few giggles,we christened one man Mr Squeaky because he made his chair squeak irritatingly on and on and on,I was ready to ask him to move to a non squeaking chair but luckily he went home...phew.

We managed to scoff a big bag of Minstrels between us,although by the end of our time i was rationing them to one each at a time,we had been there nearly four hours though and supplies were running dangerously low!

Luckily Sharkys ankle had not got any serious damage done to it and we traipsed off back home again shattered.

What a start to the back to school routine,I'm hoping for a much calmer time tonight, a play on the x box for Chippie,a warm meal together,a shower and bed with a snuggly story....fingers crossed. 

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