Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chipmunks Reading

These reading posts came about from a comment made by my dad as we were coming back from swimming last week.

Chipmunk was sat in the back seat clutching his new best book called Yuk!

He had come straight out of swimming and wanted to read the book but it was dark and he couldn't see the words in the dark.

My dad was trying to explain this to him and afterwards he said to me

"He's a real little reader isn't he"

A moment later he said

"But it's not always been like this has it?"

And this made me think,really think.

I have got so used to this little boy carry his book around and the sound of his voice reading away at night before he sleeps and in the morning as soon as he wakes up.

And I love it!

I never tire of it,it's magical.

But as my dad said just a bit ago I was worried about Chipmunks reading,really worried.

Its not all been plain sailing.

In fact its been quite a long journey.

And I thought I know, I'm going to write a blog piece about it and then I realised it would be much too long and laborious to write and read in one go so I'm going to do it in installments so tomorrow read part one.....

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