Friday, February 17, 2012

Chipmunks Reading - 2

When Chipmunk started school he was thrilled to bring a reading pack home with a set of keywords in it ( pink ones) and a book without any words,just with pictures in to look at and discuss with a grown up. 

We read regularly together and methodically worked our way through the key words and with a fair amount of help Chipmunk began to recognise some keywords but I had a funny feeling he was not connecting his keywords to the words in his reading book. 

After 6 months in reception Chipmunk moved to Year One and I began to become concerned that he was not retaining some of the keywords and yet he was coming home with more new keywords. 

This was a worry to me. 

The books were getting more complex and lengthy and I had a very bad feeling that Chipmunk was struggling.

In part three... The day I knew I had to do something about Chipmunks reading!

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