Monday, February 20, 2012

Chipmunks Reading - 4

Having found out just how much Chipmunk was struggling I went on the Internet that night and looked for some lower reading level books and ordered them.

At that point I didn't know quite what I was looking for so I went with Oxford Reading Tree and bought a set of Floppys Phonics and some Project X books. 

These books arrived really quickly and I took them into school and asked if Chipmunk could read these instead of the school books and they agreed. 

Chipmunk loved the books,the text was bigger and not so lengthy and his confidence began to rise again.

But I soon realized that if I was going to provide my own reading books for Chipmunk I would need loads and that's when I went on the library website to research what books would suit Chipmunk.

I learnt all about reading levels and reading schemes and started Chipmunk on the Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds and some Start Reading scheme books,we eventually worked our way through all those books!

Just writing about them brings back so many memories and I can picture so clearly that summer holiday sat ordering books in as if my life depended on it! 

During the summer holidays Chipmunk read a reading book daily,I was still reading him tons of picture books and he was a happy reader again ~ thankfully!

It was during that summer holidays that Chipmunk,me and my mum were sat in a cafe.We were just waiting for our order and Chipmunk had just visited the library and was looking through his library stash of books. All of a sudden I listened in and just sat amazed as chipmunk read the whole book by himself! 
My mum and I were amazed and so very pleased and proud!

At this point we were still struggling with the keywords,I had stripped them right back and started at square one again. 

The summer holidays began to draw to close and I started to wonder what year 2 would hold for Chipmunk and how his new teacher would react to what steps I had taken with his reading. 

Would they go with me and support the work I had done or would they want to do their own thing with him. 

See what happened in part 5 of Chipmunks reading

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