Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back To School

Today Chipmunk went back to school.
He had been off for 6 days and it almost seemed like a lifetime away.

We had been cosy in the house,where the most he had moved was up and downstairs
And then wham,into the cold air and the hustle bustle of the school playground.

I was anxious because although I knew he was a lot better,I still worried about him managing a full day at school

As soon as he put his school uniform on I noticed the cough again,
Infact I worried all day long!
I expected a call to say ''Come and pick him up''

But he survived it - woohoo!

And it was lovely picking him up and seeing him run with his friend,
That has to be a sign hes on the mend.

He bought all his milk home too,which he was thrilled about,
Nothing as thrilling as drinking 'school milk' at home!

So we are back on track,phew!
Its been a hard week!

Next decision - do I let him swim tomorrow/
Think I will sleep on that one!

One step at a time eh!


  1. Glad he is feeling better, no doubt you are pleased to have a break having him back where he should be! I hate them being home, the house just becomes a pit!

  2. I actually prefer him at home :-) I feel he is safe with me.Its been a rush of a week tho and the change in routine has thrown me,it's only now things are back to normal I can see how tired & hard it's been.I guess us mums go onto survival mode in times of stress!Love your Feb blog ideas!Its a lovely idea xxx oh and the house is *always* a pit :-) xxx