Monday, February 20, 2012

Forest Trails

Yesterday at the forest we did something completely different ~ we followed a trail! 

We we arrived at the forest we noticed a sign advertising a trail around the visitors centre and woods. I was undecided but as it was only 50p I thought nothing ventured nothing gained so we did it! 

When I first got the instructions in my hand I thought yikes (I'm so not logical or maths based) and Chipmunk looked pretty worried and ready to back out of this new game...but 'we gave it a go' 

 The trail was based in a simple concept of using numbers to decipher hidden meanings to words on the signs around the forest.
 Every clue had 3 numbers 
 first number was how many lines down to start counting  
second number was how many words to go too in the sentence 
 third number was how many letters in that found word. 
When you got to that letter you wrote it down and eventually all the random letters spelt out a word or actually many words. 

Our faces must have been a picture,Chipmunk does not like anything new so he was concerned and I certainly was in no doubt that I would mess this up  and fail miserably. 

 Off we trotted to the visitors centre and completed the first clue ~ woohoo! Easy as that eh! 

Of course this involved reading and what does Chipmunk like...reading! We were onto a winner!

 As we began to know what we were doing it became easier and the predictability of the number pattern began to sink into Chipmunk and his confidence grew and then,well we were zooming! 

Around the forest we went,receiving very curious looks from some people,as we dashed to signs and started counting! 

In the end the words spelt out  Robin Hood And His Merry Men 

We then had to go to the shop and tell the lady there the secret phrase and then we were presented with a certificate that said Chipmunk was a honary member of Robin Hoods gang! 

What more could a 7yr old boy want!

It was a really good thing to do and I would definitely do another trail if there are any more. It just adds something different to do when playing in Robin Hoods Woods! 

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