Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did you really swim Chipmunk?

Chipmunk today was your first day back at swimming since way before the half term break.

I think you have had a whole month without swimming!

Everybody has been sad that you have missed out,especially just as you seemed to be 'getting it.'

But you were poorly and that was that ~ no swimming for you.

So today was a big day for us and you did so well.

And Im writing this at a ridiculous hour,even when I'm so,so tired because

today I saw you swim without armbands for the first time!

And as I peeped in to look at you before I went to bed I thought to myself "did he really do that!?!Did he really swim without armbands!

My friend was sat at the side of me and I can remember her cheering you on and how happy we both were.

So this must mean you did do it!

And I can picture your face as you swam towards me,I couldn't believe it!

I still can't!

And that's why I'm writing this,when really I should be sleeping.

Did I honestly see you swim tonight Chipmunk?

And in my heart I know the answer is yes.

From your tired but extremely proud mummy xxxxxx

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