Thursday, February 16, 2012


 The boys are loud!

 When they are together they torment each other to pieces. 

Argue,argue!Silly voices!Jumping out at each other.Rolling on beds until someone nearly falls off.Lying on top of each other and squashing the bottom person till they are hysterical with laughter or tears.Jumping out from behind doors and frightening people to death! 

Words like 'Hey' 'Oi' 'Watch it' 'Telling' and of course 'Muuuuummy' and 'Muuum' are flying around,usually at one thousand,million decibels. 

The things is that even though I get exasperated there is a big bit of me that smiles at them. 

I like the fact that they are interacting with each other.I like that boisterous side to them,they seem like the boys I used to know,not quite so grown up and a bit like my boys again. 

So let the noise reign,just don't tell them I approve :-) 

1 comment:

  1. As hectic and as manic as it is, you have to love it!!!