Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reading part 3

Chipmunks Reading - 3

Chipmunk had got to the middle of year one when I began to realize we were really hitting trouble. 

The books were becoming longer,the text was getting smaller and Chipmunk was struggling. 

He was also having trouble retaining his keywords.

He had got all the sets of keywords but as quickly as he was taught one set he would forget a previously taught set.

I was beginning to get really worried. 

Then one day after tea I asked Chipmunk to bring his school reading book to me to read. 

Chipmunk didn't seem at all keen to come and snuggle up with his book but he eventually did come to sit in the settee with me. 

When I opened the book up Chipmunk just began to cry and it was heartbreaking

The little boy who loved books was crying at a book! 

I was horrified and at that point knew something had to be done! 

How could I sit and watch this little boys love of books be destroyed.

In part four what I did to turn the situation around and to get Chipmunk loving books once more

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