Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reading - Part One

When Chipmunk was a baby and a toddler I didn't let him watch any television.

I was not being horrible but after having two older children who I was always telling to come away from screens,Game Boys,X Boxes,TV,etc, I just thought it was madness to introduce a toddler to the television if I didn't need to.

This had a knock on effect,Chipmunk needed to be entertained,no electric babysitter for him,and this is how his love of books was born.

He would bring me piles and piles of books to read and we would cuddle up on the settee and read,read,read.
He began to associate books with cuddles,mummy time,fun,rest,amusement,all good things.

One of the first books Chipmunk really loved was Boo  Baby,I must have read that book hundreds of times and he used to giggle his way through it.

We used to go to the local library regularly and Chipmunk soon got to know all the library assistants and they got to know him too!

By the time Chipmunk was 3 years old it was apparent he was a Little bookworm and anybody who knew Chipmunk knew this

In part 2 see what happened to Chipmunks reading when he started school

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