Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear January Half Term,

So glad you didn't warn me how tough you were going to be!

Think we have only had 6 weeks back since Christmas and in that time Chipmunk has been really poorly and so have I.

The change in routine threw me completely,one minute Chipmunk is at school then he's at home poorly.
I spent my life dashing around between work and home and then I got poorly!

What started out as a great time with swimming twice a week turned into no swimming for 3 weeks.
It couldn't be helped but very disappointing for me and Chipmunk.

And then there has been the snow which meant no outside time for the school children for a week!

 In with all this madness has been some good bits too.

I seem to be getting more organized at night times which can only be a good thing!

We are seeing more of my mum & dad now my dad has retired.
This has been great and made my life easier and nicer.
It is really a big change for me and it's great to have their support.

We had a fab parents evening for Sharky.I will post about that this week as it was good!

During this half term we have met Sharkys girlfriend,who is a regular at our house now.

Family dynamics changing yet again!

So I think all is going okay but what a tough half term.

Can I put a request in for a easier next half term pretty please!

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  1. Glad you are finally over it - make the most of your week off! Enjoy it! xxx