Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Splashes & Dashes

Its been such a busy and contrasting weekend

Daffodils to remind me Spring is on the way

 And snow to remind me that Winter is still here!

 On Friday night we went to children's church and had a great time.
We saw lots of friends there and had a really good sing song.
Its surprising how music and singing can make you feel so happy.

 Friday was also Pyjama Day at school.
Chipmunk wore his new pyjamas
And as predicted lost his Streaker book into the bargain!
Hopefully he will find that tomorrow,especially as it is a library book!

On Saturday morning my mum and dad came up and spent a hour with us,
And then we went on our duck pond adventure.
After the duck pond we just flopped around lazily.

It did start to snow on Saturday evening and Chipmunk nearly dropped his ipad in excitement!

I woke on Sunday morning to the sound of snow being scraped up.
All the men on our close were busily shovelling snow like madmen!

Chipmunk and I cleaned our hamster out and then went out into the cold, white snowy world
 It was not as deep as last year but enough to play in
 We splattered snowballs at this tree
 And made this snowman - ta da
a perfect place to dry our gloves
Chipmunk digging
It was great fun but we were glad to get back in the house.

The tag hanging out in this photo made me laugh
And I snapped Chipmunk doing a bit of morning reading 
while I got the hamster cleaning tackle ready.

All in all it has been a good weekend and now only 5 days until half term
Im on countdown.


  1. The snowman is gorgeous!Always better when the sun is shining!

  2. I was so proud of that snowman!Hes still standing!Best one I have ever made :-) xx