Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend Hat

Chipmunk has a weekend hat.

Its blue.furry,covers his ears and is very comfy to wear.

It is destined to be just a weekend hat though or even a school holiday hat


if it ever went to school it could end up...

in a muddy puddle,
stuck in a bush,
in the teachers car park under a teachers car,
inside a fenced off bit of school property that can only be reached by grovelling to the caretaker,
even on the school roof!

How do I know this....

Because those are a few places that hats of ours have found themselves!

And that's why this is a weekend hat!


  1. Awww, it's a cute hat.
    And as someone who used to teach Reception, I completely sympathise and understand why you wouldn't want to send such a cute hat into school. Things just disappear in schools.
    Thanks for linking up. x

  2. I work in nursery and see copious amounts of lost gloves etc :-) I usually buy really cheap gloves for school.
    Chipmunk is such a character and we have had so many things land on the school roof,I'm on first name terms with the caretaker!Luckily he's lovely! X

  3. haha I bet a lot of children lose things at school don't they? I think its definitely good to buy cheaper things for school and the cute things like that hat for the weekend! Thanks for linking up! x