Monday, January 30, 2012

Poorly Sick
Ive got a poorly sick boy here.
 Last Wednesday I noticed Chipmunk was a bit under the weather but when he came home from school it became apparent that he really was quite poorly.
One of my friends said there was a 24 hour bug going around and so I thought 24hrs,we can do 24hrs.
But this isn't 24hrs.
We are now 6 days in and although I can see signs of improvement he is still not well enough to go to school
and the nights are terrible!
I have never heard a little one cough so much as Chipmunk has.
Not nice to hear.
As a mum,listening to your child suffer is horrible.
 And we are tired because of unbroken sleep.
Today after listening to my mum I have bought some cough medicine and that's a trauma in itself 
Chipmunk absolutely hates it!
Is it worth trauming him?
I'm giving it a go for a couple of days and we will have to see if it works.
I hope something does!

I think its one of the worst feelings when one of your kids are ill

So I'm hoping Chipmunk  will soon make a recovery and I can have my happy,smiley boy back to normal.


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