Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Little Spook #4
Little Spook knew just who had got her brother Scamp and she could also remember how to get back to the place she had run from all those long months ago,it was a treacherous journey,through the forest of doom,across the pond of enchantment and down the hill of spills,where one wrong footing sent you tumbling directly to the witches lair and straight into a locked cage and we all know what happens then....sent to be eaten at the sweetie shop,there was no time to lose though and Little Spook set off for the pond of enchantment,to see the mermaid.

"Take this" said the mermaid and she handed Little Spook a little music box, "Play this and the Ogre will fall into a deep enchanted sleep but beware,after twenty minutes the enchantment will begin to wear off and when he awakes the ogre will have quite a headache and his mood will be absolutely terrible,you must make sure you are out of his reach or you will be put on a slice of toast and eaten.''

Little Spook thanked the mermaid and set off for The Forest Of Doom.

The forest of doom was guarded by a big scary hungry ogre who ate anything that dared to cross his path,his favourite food was little boys on toast,sprinkled with a dash of cheese and plenty of Marmite,but as I've just said he was always hungry and he would make do with anything even little black cats with amber eyes.

Little Spook crept as far to the trees as she dared and then opened the music box up,the music slowly drifted through the air and the ogre began to yawn,soon he was very drowsy and before you could say Jack Robinson he began to gently snore and was soon in a deep enchanted sleep.

This was the moment Little Spook had waited for,she ran quickly past the dozing ogre and into the deep,dark forest,on and on Little Spook ran,until she thought she couldn't run one step further but she had to keep going,Scamp needed her,so she carried on running until she came to the end of the trees and was faced by the hill of spills,the hill was steep and treacherous but Little Spook bounded down it,however halfway down the hill Little Spook trod on a dark spot,the ground opened beneath her and Little Spook found herself falling down a deep dark passageway that led to a big black door,yes Little Spook was in the witches lair and she was absolutely scared.

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