Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Spook
I used to love joining in with Josies flash fiction that she hosts every Thursday over at Two Shoes In Texas  
The idea was to write a story in six sentences and Josie would provide you with a theme to work with. I have not joined in for a while but on Saturday I popped by and saw the theme for this week was scared,based on Hallloween.
It caught my imagination and I began to plot a story for my little boy.
The story grew and grew and soon chapters started appearing,I decided to read my little one a chapter every day at bedtime,with the culmination on Halloween night itself,so without any further ado here is the tale of 
Little Spook the witches cat. I read this chapter to Chips tonight and his face was a picture - well worth the efforts! 

Dedicated to all little boys who love a bedtime story and a little bit of magic too!

Little Spook #1
Little Spook was the most beautiful cat ever,she had long black silky fur,big amber eyes and the longest whiskers you had ever seen. 

She lived at number 2 Dormy Court in a cosy semi detached house with her family,who consisted of a mummy,daddy, a little boy and her adopted cat brother Scamp and she was absolutely adored. 

She should have been the happiest little cat ever but there was something very different about little Spook,something that set her apart from all the other cats in the village....little Spook was a witches cat!

Now as Little Spook could tell you,not all witches look like witches,oh no,some, look quite normal and they have normal everyday jobs and live in normal houses,infact they seem totally 'normal' but they're not and underneath that 'look I'm normal front' lies a deep dark side,a side full of darkness and evil and of the worst sort of magic you could 'ever' imagine,a dark terrible magic that's only aim is to cause harm to whoever crosses its path,these are the very worst witches of all and it was to one of these witches that Little Spook had belonged. 

Little Spook hated being a witches cat, she had a kind heart and she didn't like to see people hurt and frightened,so one day when the meanie witch was sleeping,Little Spook had decided to run away,she ventured far,far,away,up hills,through deep dark woods,past lakes until she had come upon the little family at 2 Dormy Court and it was here she had decided to stay and as anyone who knows anything about cats knows,cats will always find their own place in the world,despite us humans!

Each year as Autumn came around and Halloween approached, Little Spook began to feel nervous,her brother tried to reassure her that she was safe and that no witch could find her this far away but Little Spook knew the true dark power that her former mistress had...bubbling cauldrons full of magical potions that could turn anything into frogs without their jumps or dogs without their woofs or even bats that couldn't fly,wands that shot magic across a room in seconds,magic pools that could see into the past,present and future and a broomstick that could fly throughout the night with amazing speed. 

And on Halloween night, all witches powers intensified,they became more powerful,more evil,more Little Spook tried to get to sleep in her warm snug bed she had a nervous feeling in her tummy,she could sense something was about to happen,someone was searching,someone was getting closer,someone was looking for her...Little Spook was scared.

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