Saturday, October 12, 2013

School News #3
It's been a funny old two weeks since I last wrote a school news post.
Week ? was filled with total busyness. There was meetings after meetings,themed days where I worried about costumes etc and a unexpected walk to school on Chips own thrown into the mix. I felt like I was running around at at least a hundred miles per hour. And maybe I was running too hard and too fast too much of the time because on Friday of that week I fell and that stopped the running full stop.
So let's rewind to the beginning of that week....
Monday dawned and the beautiful sunny weather we had seen on Sunday was gone and in its place was a very overcast day. My head felt cloudy too. Already I was looking at the week and wondering how I would get to the end of it in one piece.
Chips friends mum usually walks him round to juniors from where I'm working ( the infants ) but her son was poorly that morning so Chips went with his friend M. They looked really happy walking together, they chattered away,their heads almost touching.
That afternoon I went to the comp to discuss A-Levels with Sharky's teacher and then rushed back to juniors to talk about those infernal socks that bother Chips so very much.
Both meetings went well but I got home and felt like I had been dragged through a bush backwards. I was totally whacked out.

The chatter on our walks to school was about cars and what kind of car Chips would like when he grew up and how he would take me everywhere in his car. For the record Chips,you said you would be having a BMW. Nice! There was also talk about bonfire night creeping in and by the end of the week the talk was dominated by the release of Fifa 14. Totally dominated!
In the playground I heard lots of talk about half term,I think the relentlessness of the school run was beginning to tell on people. 

Mathletics was back in favour and Chips spent a night playing it instead of playing on the x box!This made me smile,fancy choosing to play maths games over the x box - wow!The next day Chips printed off lots of Mathletic certificates and was well pleased with himself.

We had one afternoon pick up where Chips and his mates decided to clamber through the conifers on the school drive,he came out with bits of conifer stuck to him,which I found very endearing - Im funny like that!

There was also the story about a little year three boy,who had been unfortunate enough to have a wasp settle on his sandwich at lunch time. This had caused quite a fuss amongst the children!

Spellings were tricky that week. Very tricky. Chips had lost his spelling book and we therefore couldn't practice them. Luckily Chips got eight out of ten. Not quite in the running to get a sweetie though! To get a sweetie it's nine and above. I'm wondering if this will make Chips try harder not to lose that book and to keep practising those spellings,as he's fond of Haribos!

The homework this week was horrendous. It was literacy - embedded clauses - I had no idea what they were looking for and if it hadn't been for Tigers teacher training girlfriend we would have been stuck and stressed beyond belief. Chips ended up getting them all right but what a kerfoffle.

On Friday it was Pirate Day for the whole school. This had stressed me no end. I didn't know what to dress Chips in and it gave me quite a headache thinking about it. In the end I cobbled together a few bits and pieces and Chips looked great - a stripy jumper that I miraculously found down at the bottom of the wardrobe,shorts cut jagged,a hat and a earing and of course a patch. He looked a super pirate and was very happy as he walked down to school.

I don't know about you but there's always that slight apprehensive feeling when you walk to school dressed in something other than school uniform that you have got the date right and it is indeed pirate day or jeans for genes day or pyjama day. And when you see other children dressed the same as you, you inwardly breathe a little sigh of relief. That definitely happened to me and Chips,as the first person we saw was wearing school uniform and we looked at each other quizzically and slightly unnerved. Luckily we soon saw lots of pirates beginning to appear and we both relaxed.

I was so looking forward to picking Chips up that night and seeing the pirates come out of school but that was the day of the fall and since then I haven't picked Chips up from school at all and this does make me sad. 


Week five was wet. The coat was worn for the first time since September and it was back to soggy school runs.

I was limping and the chatter we usually have was no more. Instead it was replaced with me yelling "Slow down. No I mean even slower!" Not fun when you can't even successfully walk less than a ten minute walk without being exhausted.

On Wednesday most of year five went on a residential trip. Chips did so well to cope with this change. He and a few others stayed at school and was all over the place...with TA's,in year six classes and without their mates. It was something to get over.

It's all done now though and on Monday it will all be back to normal for Chips - thank goodness for that!

All we need now is for his limping mummy to get back to normal,please let that be soon!


This was written last week. Hopefully I will get back to normal soon,as I love writing school news.

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