Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Splashy Weekend
And the rain came down all weekend. Fast and furious. Making even a simple dash to the car a exercise in avoiding getting soaked. Well there were two ways to do it....run with something draped over your head,be it a hood or your arms or just go with the flow and saunter,yep you got soaked but when there's a warm dry house nearby it's not to big a problem,right? We did a mix of both,going out we would dash and coming home we would saunter,it makes more sense that way and we are oh so sensible here ( big grins at that statement) 

It wasn't a bad weekend though. Inbetween all the gloomy weather we had some real bits of nice warm cosy stuff happening and the main thing was my mums birthday. 

Whilst the birthday itself was on Friday,little bits of birthday niceness trickled through the whole of the weekend. On Friday I plonked a candle in a big cream cake and as outside the wind blew the rain onto the windows we all sang a cheery happy birthday to a much loved member of the family. It may have been yukky outside but we were tucked up warm and snug 
and with cake.

Saturday came around and once we had played dodge the raindrops and got into the pub the night was good.
My mum was so happy. She just shone. All her family together and having a good time,I could visibly see it meant the world to her.
I was the orderer and I seemed to take the role on enthusiastically,maybe a bit too enthusiastically as I made lots of drinks into doubles. It bumped the price up no end! 

I had spent lots of the days before dreaming about menus and what I was going to eat,that's half the fun for me,thinking about puddings and all kinds of different types of meal choices. And when push came to shove what did I have...the carvery...as per normal! I had a lot of fun with those menu talks I held every night though,where I went through every possible meal concoction you could think of,good job those dream calories don't count!

The two youngest members of the party never stayed still,except at food time. They were up and down to the playroom and too busy fleecing money off softies so they could play on the grab a cuddly toy machine. And did they win? Of course not! Do they ever win. Not often.
The teens seemed happy enough,discussing teen things as teens do. Growing up fast that bunch ~ my mums grandkids ~ 20yrs,19yrs,18yrs,17yrs.

All in all it was a good night and we came home happy and full and pretty tired out.

The last bit of birthday niceness came on the Sunday,when my mum brought some of her birthday cake up. Me and the boys ate it whilst playing top trumps together,sat snuggled on the settee. It was wet and dark outside and Monday was looming but for that small bit of time we were snug and happy and full of chocolate cake,mmmm.

The other bits of weekend news were that I saved my dad from a nasty fall.He bumped into a sign in the Morrodogs car park and it really knocked him back and I,old hopalong who can hardly walk herself,caught him and pushed him back up. I was quite proud of that fact,see,Iam good for some things!

And we have a pumpkin!!!!! After last year and young Chips driving me mad with his can we have a pumpkin pleas I bit the bullet and when he asked for one I said yes. Hopefully that will stop the pleas!And this is why I needed to get a pumpkin as soon as!Some things never change,do they and to be honest Im glad that they dont!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend despite the weather...cakes ALWAYS help :) Happy belated birthday. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. We did have a wonderful birthday weekend Vic! And yep cake has almost medicinal qualities I feel!