Monday, October 21, 2013

The Fair
We didn't get to the fair this time,much to Chips disappointment. Bit hard to get onto rides when your hopping along like Iam. And the rides that Chips can do on his own are too small now and the rides he could do need a adult with him. So no fair for Chips. And out of the three nights that the fair was here we had rain,really torrential rain,I would be surprised if the fair had made any profit at all. 

I did get a couple of photos of the fair though as we walked past on our way to childrens church.

And today on a walk we were lucky enough to see the fair lorries leaving.
This didn't upset Chips,which I'm glad about. Instead he was intrigued to see the massive lorries trundling slowly up the road and manuvering round the tight little corner. 

I stood watching him watch the lorries. A little boy watching fair lorries. These photos seem poignant to me. He seemed wistful. 

Oh Chips I wish you had been to the fair. I wish it hadn't rained so badly that we couldn't have a proper look around.I wish you had played on the hook a duck stall and won a fish and it had lived more than a week.I wish you could have taken lots of 2ps down there and played on the slot machines until your arm got tired of pushing the money in the slots. I wish my leg was ok and I could have taken you on the Waltzer and we could have spun around and around and laughed and giggled until we cried.I wish we had both had ordered hot dogs and walked home in the dark,munching away and chattering happily.
I wish life was simple but it's not. 
So this time matey we just watched the fair,next time we will do the fair....pinky promise x

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