Saturday, October 26, 2013

As I woke to the sound of the rain steadily drumming on the roof I observed that my mum had been was going to be a very wet day.

"It's going to rain all day tomorrow" she had said,as we had walked around the country park,on a glorious sunny afternoon.

"And you had better rest up," she had added,turning to me with a deep stare "You would be a idiot to go out in the rain with your leg and you have done enough this week now."

And I just looked at her and gave a non committal kind of an answer,in my best la-la-la yes mother kinda voice. ( come to think of it,is that the same kind of thing young Chips does to me when he goes "Yeeees Mummeeee" in a sing song voice...hmm,don't know where the child gets it from)

Anyway my mother was right ( shhh don't tell her I said that ) it is a rainy day! And as I sit in the dark lounge,cuddled up on the settee I'm reflecting on what a wet half term it's been.

Most days here it has rained. And not just a few rain drops here and there,nope,it's been full on torrential rain,the sort that soaks you even when you are wearing a big coat with a big hood and holding a umbrella too.Not  dodging the rain drop rainy more like drowned rat rainy. And that has made life soggy. And damp. We have wet clothes drying everywhere,my washing pile is ready to explode. I just can't get it under control. It is ruling me,not me ruling it. It's totally in charge. And the best washing day was yesterday,when the sun actually came out and what did I do....did I wash...oh no,much too logical for me to do that. Actually I may be pardoned as I went for a impromptu trip to the doctors about my lovely limping leg,this did need addressing so I don't feel to bad about leaving the washing in the washing machine. And as soon as I got back home I needed to rest up,a jaunt up and down to the doctors wore me out and then my mum and dad came up and after lunch we went round a local country park and then we came home,quickly scoffed a scone and then I took Chips to his swimming lesson,so it was a full on day and the washing didn't get done. And then today it's raining and I'm thinking of the lost drying day. Ho Hum. Wouldn't have done it any different though. Any time spent with family is worth the inconvenience of washing that rules me.

The rain does mean that Sharky is going to get soaked on his paper round though and I hate that thought. Wet soggy boy,wet soggy papers,yuk.

And my mum is going to a funeral this morning and I know she is really not looking forward to it,it has been playing on her mind all week,even young Chips has picked up on her unease about it and the rain seems to compound the feelings of sadness. I know even on a sunny day a funeral is so sad but on a rainy day it just seems even worse. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that,I really don't know.

The rain has made our local water splash flood and much to Chips disappointment it was closed yesterday. No cars splashing through. No excited children watching the splashes. Rain stopped play...again.

Mind you,we have had rainbows. This wet weather mixed with sudden peeks of sun has produced some gorgeous big rainbows. And I guess that people have enjoyed the few flashes of good weather that have fleetingly appeared amongst all this rain.

So today...what to do on a rainy day....think it may be a keep dry,tackle school projects,cook a warm big dinner,dry suitable washing in the dryer,make sausage sarnies for brekkie and yes mum a stay inside day,even I can see the sense of that,even if I still do twinge to get out and about!

The flooded water splash.
The water doesnt usually come this far up the road and it was pretty deep.

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