Wednesday, October 23, 2013

 Hammies In The Rain
The hamsters needed cleaning and outside in the garage is probably the best place I can think of doing this job. Less fuss out there and not quite as much mess.
It was pouring with rain though,just bucketing it down. But not to be deterred we set up camp in the garage.
Radio playing,deckchair to sit on and thick hoodies with the hoods pulled right up,we set about cleaning the little rascals. 

It was grim out there. The garage door was up and the rain pounded on it before splashing down to the ground and making big puddles on the drive.
It was pretty grim inside the garage too. It's not the most tidy of places and without causing any damage to myself I couldn't fight my way over to the light switch to turn some light on,so it was quite dark in there. 

But we made it cheery! 

Young Chips sat on the deckchair holding the hammies in a box while I cleaned their cages out.
The music played,the rain fell creating its own musical pattern and I listened to a little boy chattering away to his beloved pets. 

And it was good. The sound of his voice just melted my heart and as he told the hammies how cute they were and how he gently reprimanded them when they tried to escape, made me smile and I knew this was a moment to remember.I wished I had taken a photograph but sometimes you can't take photographs and you have to save those memories in your heart instead. And that's what I did. Listened to a little boy,my little boy and the sound of his voice and his giggles and his care,even now I can feel the sound of his conversation,precious indeed. 

So ordinary and yet so good. 


  1. Your son sounds completely adorable and obviously adores his hamsters, hope you remember this for a very long time. #PoCoLo

    1. Ah,thanks Izzie,you are right HE does adore the hamsters and we have loads! You see,the original pair of 'boy' hamsters had babies,lots of babies,so 'hamsters r us!'
      My son was the one who wanted this hamster post to be #pocolo this week ans he is SO pleased that you and Jaime have commented on his hammies :-)

  2. awww a mundane task but still magical xx

    1. Morning Jaime! Yep as your linky says each week 'Magic Moment' thanks for commenting and big waves over to you:-) x

  3. Very cute. He obviously loves his hammies.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is SO cute, bless him :) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x