Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Little Spook #3

Scamp was a daft young tom cat,who was as soft as butter,he loved everybody and genuinely thought that everybody was his friend. 

That fateful Halloween day had begun just like any other day,he had eaten his breakfast and then gone out for a sniff around the garden,he was just poking his nose under a pile of fallen leaves when he smelt his favourite biscuit treat - Kitbits. 

He couldn't believe his luck and began to greedily gobble up all the Kitbits he could find,little did he know that he was now on a trail that led to the most terrible place in the village...the sweetie shop and indeed the witches lair! 

Much later that morning,little Spook began to wonder where her brother was and decided to look for him,she ambled by the last of summer flowers,trotted by the prickly rose bush and stopped to play in the fallen leaves,this was when she smelt a strange sickly smell,the smell jogged a memory from way back in her past,a memory that was getting stronger and stronger by the second "Oh no," thought Little Spook "This smells like magic,bad magic,the witch has been here!"

Just then something glinted in the pale Autumn sun,it was Scamps blue collar with its shiny golden bell on it,it lay discarded on the ground and it's owner was 'nowhere' to be found. 

Little Spook began to frantically run around the garden,shouting for her brother,but there was no answering miaow ,Scamp had long gone,whisked away by the powerful spell of the wickedest witch around....Little Spook knew what she must do,she must find her brother and,quickly,before he was turned into a chocolate cat and sold at the sweet shop,Little Spook began sniffing the ground,she would rescue him,she simply had to get him back but she was scared, really,really,scared.

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