Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 Little Spook #2
 Now along the road and down a steep hill,right next to a school was a tiny sweet shop,it sold every kind of sweet you could ever imagine,Percy Pigs,Chocolate Mice,Jelly Babies,Gummy bears,Freddo Bars.

Every morning and afternoon playtime the children from the school would pop over to the sweet shop and buy a bag of sweeties,little did they know that the smiley lady who served them was really a witch. 
 Underneath that pleasant exterior was really a wicked witch and the sweets she sold were indeed animals and babies that the witch had captured and turned into sweets for the sweet shop. 

Yes the Freddo bars had once been happy little green frogs hopping around innocently and the chocolate mice had been little brown field mice scurrying round looking for hay to build their nests with,the Percy Pigs had been sweet little piggy wiggies just oinking around the farmyards,the Gummy Bears had been children's teddy bears,stolen from their owners arms as the children slept peacefully at night and as for the Jelly Babies...do you even want to know what the Jelly Babies were...?

Just like the witch looked normal so did the shop,from the outside it just looked like any old sweet shop but as you walked along the upstairs corridor you began to feel a certain chill enter the air and if you walked a bit further you noticed a few cobwebs dangling from the ceiling,this wasn't that unusual but 'what' was unusual was the size of the spiders that lurked on the webs and the colour of their eyes....green,purple and red and the way the spiders eyes glowed in the dark and seemed to watch you as you walked by. 

And if the spiders didn't put you off and you went further along the corridor and through the heavy black door you would find yourself in a witches den with shelves full of potions,steaming bubbling cauldrons full of green gunky liquid,cupboards full of spell books and cages full of trapped animals,it was a terrible room and all who entered there were totally and utterly scared.

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