Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taking A Wrong Turn
And today was the day we got lost. 

Not totally utterly lost,as in wandering round in circles and not having a clue where you are. 

But the kinda lost where you are following a path and you know it's probably leading the right way but you're not entirely sure. 

And in your heart you know you are slightly off key...not a lot but just enough to make you end up in not quite the same place you wanted to end up in. 

So you keep walking and walking and walking. 

Through brambles and thorn bushes and sometimes much too close to the stinging nettles. And the path gets narrower and narrower and the plants at the side of the path get taller and taller and you think; 

"Hell,where an earth have I ended up!"

And you say to the cute little boy walking bravely and trustingly at your side;

"It's ok...just a bit further up this path,I'm sure this is the right path,c'mon,we'll be ok."

And he looks up at you and says;

"Okay Mummy" and walks bravely onwards.

And of course your phone has run out of battery,so there's no chance of ringing anyone and that makes you feel really alone and cut off and basically out on a limb....alone in the woods without any help. 

So what to do? 

Walk on,up the narrow path and hope like mad that you are going the right way. 

And look and gaze around,because even when you are thinking please somebody get me out of here,there is beauty to be found.

The prettiness of the wild flowers that grow in the dark shadiness under the trees. The golden colour of corn in the farmers field. The beauty that is the woods...quiet and mysterious,with a hint of danger that always comes to me when I'm in lonely places...who knows what lurks in the woods,as beautiful as they may be.

And after a considerable walk I began to hear the sounds of traffic,so we were on the right track and we just had to keep walking...onwards and upwards as they say.

And eventually we did find the road.

Unfortunately it was not the right turn off that we needed and we had to walk along a very narrow and fast road that did not have a pavement. It was very unnerving but thankfully we eventually reached safety and began the long trek home.

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