Saturday, August 31, 2013

Highlights Of The Week
Last week of the school holidays,how an earth has that passed by so quickly?
The weather has been really good,you can definitely feel a change coming as its not quite so hot more warm and there is a definite breeze about most days,actually it's not a breeze it's wind,yep the wind is coming back and September will soon be with us. 

This week we have been out walking again. Monday we went to find a trail that my dad had told us about. Bit of a misunderstanding occurred,he said the sign was at the train station but I heard police station! Bit different! Well we searched the outside of the police station from top to bottom but we couldn't find the sign. Later that afternoon when my dad and mum popped up for a cuppa it became apparent why we couldn't find the sign,it was at the railway station!Simple misunderstanding,I must clean my ears out properly in the future. 

Tuesday we went to Cresswell,it was beautiful up there and we sat on a bench eating the most drippy ice cream in the world. It went all over my trousers,again and again. Yep it was me not the young one getting messy,no change there then. 

And then Friday we went to find the original trail that I blundered up on Monday. That was a fabulously beautiful walk. Chips walked his little legs off,yet again.

To give Chips something different to do rather than our usual walk,chatter,roam,get lost and then found again,we went to the cinema on Wednesday to watch Despicable Me 2. I absolutely adored it! It made tears stream down my face with giggles. I would recommend it too anyone,it's such a funny film and I truly love Gru! 

Thursday was a much too busy day. We fitted in the library,the hairdressers,the shoe shop,the school trousers shop and Chips swimming lesson. It was busy and had to be planned like a military campaign.
Swimming went well. There were only three children there so they got lots of practice,it was backstroke this week and Chips did great. More often than not he swims straight across the pool without stopping and every single time he does this I'm so proud. I think I will always feel so proud to see him swim.

The boys have embraced the start of the footy season and have managed to find a match to watch every single night. Great. And if it's not footy it's F1 and if it's not F1 it's Motogp and if it's not MotoGp it's tennis,you get the picture,this is a sports obsessed house.

I managed to tame the Jenga like washing pile that has started to live on the dining room chair but blow me down it reappeared that very same night and now it's back to square one! That washing pile is my nemesis...fact.

So thats us and the week that was.

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