Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I have noticed that I'm getting further back when Chips and I go to the park.

This pleases me immensely.

It's a little scary but you know what,I truly think that I do know when it's appropriate to step in and help and when it's ok to step back and just sit swinging on the swings.

And recently that situation has occurred again and again.

More often than not now, I'm the mum sat in the background,on the side of the park,watching as her boy does his own thing.

I used to be right next to the play equipment,actually on the play equipment with my boy,one step behind him...believe me it had to be that way.

And to the doubters who thought I was too over the top,I say where were you when I lost believe in my abilities as a mum and just for one tiny second believed you and moved away from my child. I tell you one thing...you were never there when he fell and I spent hours beating myself up at having been so stupid as to believe you instead of my gut instinct and knowledge of my boy.

Well heyho I wasn't too over protective,I just knew that he truly needed help and now it's coming together and he doesn't need his mums help as much and I'm not hovering there,nope,I'm back where I wanted to be all along,on the sidelines,in the background,watching my boy do what he has always wanted to do and what I have always wanted to see him do....climb and play...all by himself and you know what...it feels great.

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