Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday
Josies prompts this week were scent and stolen and I wrote a right cheery little piece,it was how I felt,need I say more,little Miss Doom and Gloom!

Left in a swirl of greyness.
A marshmellowey puff of nowhere land.
Where things carry on as normal but nothing is the same.
The world keeps turning but you are standing still.
Or are you moving,but out of sync with the whole world.
You are stuck.
There is a queasy feel to the day.
And it's easier to hurry bedtime along so that the thoughts stop.
Nothing is stable,nothing feels safe.
Everywhere you turn is confusing.
Nothing and nobody makes any sense.
Empty words.
Actions speaking louder than the words ever could.
Thoughts that tangle round in circles.
And feelings that are beyond hurt.
Peace of mind,stolen

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  1. Yes, a dark piece, but so very real too! I have been in this place, where you are left to go through the motions of the day trying hard to pretend nothing is wrong, until you can get home and hide under the covers, until your heart heals enough to enable you to breathe. I have learned through many years of painful relationships to keep people who steal my peace out of my life. I am worth more, so are you! This was a powerful Two Shoes Tuesday post, and an excellent use of the prompt! Thank you for sharing! Not all of our writing is light and cheery, as you will note in my upcoming 6SS post this week! :-)

    1. Hi Josie,thanks for your comment,I really appreciated your words. Its not a nice place at all,is it. Kind of a tears of a clown act.Not easy to get out of for sure,sticky like glue x

  2. I hope things are better today! Totally understand the sentiments here.