Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This weeks prompts from Josie at Two Shoes In Texas were lost or habit I went for lost.

Now lost is one of those words that resound with me at the moment. I'm always getting lost recently and I lose things all the time and I kinda feel lost most of the time. So I had to think hard as I think the word lost could have produced some spectacularly dark and sad post.

Here's my offering to the Two Shoes Tuesday party....I give you


We had a little teddy bear,
The cutest thing you had ever seen.
We got him from a fairground
And his name was Green.

He was a tinky,tiny thing,
That fitted in just one hand.
He became my sons bestest friend,
And on that we hadn't planned.

You see,Green was unique.
No other Green could be found.
And one day the worst thing happened
He fell onto the ground.

And nobody saw him go,
So we carried on with our shopping,
We didn't know Green had tumbled.
We had no thoughts of stopping.

Suddenly my son noticed that his friend had gone.
But it was too late,
And nothing could be done.

Everybody searched,for that little bear.
The truth was though,that he had simply disappeared.

We never did find him,
And my son was bereft.
We haven't forgotten him though
And the memories he left.

My son was seventeen months old when we lost Green. In early baby and toddler photos Green is always by his side. No matter what teddy bear or cuddly toy we tried as replacement to Green our son never accepted them and after Green he never had a favourite cuddly toy.

Being as Green was from a fairground we couldn't find any similar replacement but when my next son began to have a favourite cuddly toy I was wise and ordered replacements,just in case the worse thing happened!

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  1. I like this Jess. That little lost bear will be missed for quite some time.

    Our little granddaughter, KP, is sooo happy when a lost toy or book, etc, comes up found. I wish the green bear could have.

    1. Hi Jim,the little bear was indeed missed!Its been a bout 15yrs now and we still talk about Green. Its nice to talk with you again,its been a long time since our paths crossed,isnt it :-)

  2. Oh, no. I feel bad for your son and for Green. I hope someone who needed him found him, and that he got a good home. I also hope your son found a new friend to cuddle.

    1. Evening Ann! Do you know I could never understand someone taking him because he was such a scruffy dirty little thing,you know how kids toys get when they are well loved. I like the thought of him getting a new home though,every bear needs a good home. My son never did find another cuddly friend to replace Green,I guess thats why we remember him so well.Isnt it funny the things children take to!

  3. What a sweet story, though a sad tale indeed! Children are very particular about who/what they adopt to be their best buddy, and I'm sure this was a heartbreaking loss. Such a great contribution to TST, thank you Jess!!

    1. Hi Josie,I have just been saying to Ann about how children take to certain items quite randomly and its nearly impossible to predict what toys are going to become popular. If I had known about Sharkys feelings for Green I would have tried to win more teddies at the fair!X

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh....I just love the name boy had a bear named Bosco that suffered a similar fate...we would comfort him by creating stories of Bosco's adventurous world travels...

    1. Hi Zoe,well Green was obviously green :-) and so the name just kinda came!Not that original but funny in its own way. Ah,we loved that little guy,we sometimes wonder where he ended up.I wish we had thought of the world adventure idea,that sounds just up my street!By the way I love the name Bosco and Im intrigued by how that came about...great name for a bear x

  5. Ya, I had the same thing happen to me alot. My siblings usually noticed, but sometimes they didn't... : )

    1. Hello Joseph. I guess its the luck of the draw,sometimes you notice and sometimes you dont...nobody ever replaced Green in my sons affections but we still remember him fondly.