Thursday, August 8, 2013

Writing for the prompt empty over at Two Shoes Tuesday

You can't fill empty even if you try.
Nothing fills empty,no matter how big it is.
Not even chocolate fills empty - well not for long anyway!

If empty had a colour,would it be dark and black and scary...
Or would it be transparent and cold,a void....nothing there...just empty. 

If you could touch empty how would it feel?
Cold and freezing
Or would your hand disappear straight through it, unable to grasp it,no matter how fast or hard you tried to touch it.

If you can't touch empty,how can it hurt you?
How can something that's not there have the power to hurt.

Empty feels hollow.
It's not a nice feeling.
I think it feels very,very lonely.
I'm not so keen on empty.


  1. This was such a good description of how empty feels, Jess! I've done more than my share of living in empty spaces and feeling empty inside, and I know just how lonely it can be. Scary is when you feel nothing at all, because you can't feel anymore - it hurts too much. The thing I've learned about empty is that you really can fill up that space with new light, new love, and new joy. You start by giving little pieces of that away, and it starts coming back to you in bigger pieces, and one day you'll wake up and realize that you don't feel empty anymore! Love fits all! When I see the word empty, I go to dark places, just like you. I can't think of much good that comes with it, unless it is to empty yourself of all the bad feelings so the good feelings have a place to call home! :-)

    This was a really good and thoughtful piece of writing and it is a very welcome addition to Two Shoes Tuesday... thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Josie,your words meant so much to me today...thank you for spending the time to leave such a thoughtful comment,rest assured that your time was well spent because I took your words on board and they have really resounded with me.Good words and thoughts to dwell upon when I do get that empty feeling descend upon me.Thank you once again,lv Jess x