Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Can Feel It
I can feel Autumn creeping in these days,I have felt it for a week or more now. 

The leaves are beginning to drift from the trees. Chips and I have seen them slowly swirling down and falling gently onto the ground. 
And,on the ground as we walk, leaves are beginning to appear,not many yet but Iam noticing them,more and more. 

We have seen conkers growing in trees.and along the sides of the roads,pavements,rivers and fields we have been passing,the grasses and plants are getting so tall and I see some of them starting to turn brown. 
Things are beginning to change and Autumn is on its way. 

The wind is picking up strength. Yesterday while we were out walking the wind was blowing the trees and it felt cooler. Chips said he was cold. I said it wasn't cold but it was cooler,for definite.It wasn't a warm gentle summery breeze,that on a hot sunny day is so welcoming,more like a autumn wind that rustles through the trees and makes you brrrr if you are not wrapped up. I guess it's safe to say that there's a nip in the air.

The colours around me are changing. Some fields are brown now and some are completely golden,a brightly coloured yellow that reminds me so much of Chips hair. It honestly does!

The nights are slowly but surely drawing in and there's is a back to school feel in the air.

I think we have had quite a good summer weather wise. Young Chips has been in shorts all summer long.Not once has he put long trousers on,so it can't have been that bad a summer. Boy isn't he going to feel strange when he crams his legs into those stiff school trousers and I'm going to feel ouch as I look at him in trousers again,fully knowing that the summer has gone.

I feel September is on its way but we still have a week of August left so I'm going to make the most of it and play,play,play with my little gang....while I still have the chance.

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