Friday, August 9, 2013

The other day Chipmunk and I went to one of the parks I used to visit when Tiger was a little boy. 

It was the park closest to our house back then,not much play equipment but lots of grass,hills and woods. 

We spent hours there over Tigers first five years. 

For the first three and a half years it was just me and Tiger and then along came Sharky and he would join us. He would be in a pram though and I don't think he ever did much walking on these parks.

So my main memories are of Tiger. 

These parks are mine and Tigers. 

Every year,usually in the summer holidays I come back to these parks with Chips and show him where his big brother and I used to roam. 

And when I do I can mainly remember Tiger. 

Tiger in his pram being pushed around the streets at least once a day,from the day I was allowed to take my new precious bundle out for a walk.
 We always walked....isn't that what babies and prams are made for?

Tiger running up the hill to the park and him standing on the top of the big tall slide and in those days slides were tall...really tall. I can remember him stood with his little blue Shamu the whale cap on,throwing a parachute man off the slide and seeing if it would fly. It never did but that never stopped the game. 

Tiger feeding the ducks...from when he was knee high to a grasshopper,Tiger would feed the ducks. In all kinds of weather,from season to season,we would feed ducks.
When we moved here to our little village there was a duck pond but by the time Chips came along that duck pond was no more and I actually grieved that my youngest child didn't have a chance to feed me it was a part of childhood...feeding the ducks.
We eventually found a big duck pond,miles away,but we have made it our own and Chips certainly has not missed out on feeding the ducks. 

The two parks were where we spent most of our spare time,me as a young mum with her first baby....boy did I love that boy....still do as a matter of fact! 

So when I took this little guy to the park
I deeply remembered this little guy and what we got up too all those years ago.

And all the way around the parks I remembered him.

Chips and I had a fab time exploring and reminiscing

Walking up the path leading to the park

The view from the swings
Feeding the ducks

And here is my smiley first born son,riding his bike on the same park,all those years ago.


  1. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it? I can remember my little ones heading off to school each Fall, and it only seems like yesterday, yet they are in their 30's. Treasure the memories and make all the new ones you can, while you still have them there with you! XOXO

    1. Morning Josie,I agree so much.And it is the rule I go by,always,if I ever have a choice of making memories with the boys I go with it,this has led to me having a very disorganized house though and although I would never change any of how I've played things the mess sometimes overwhelms me!Oh well,you have to go with your heart,dont you :-)