Friday, August 16, 2013

Buddy Boy

This time seventeen years ago I gave birth to my middle son.

It's hard to remember exactly how I felt or exactly what was happening...time ticks on and the memories get hazy around the remember the big bits...what time it was when they were born and if they had hair and who came to visit them.

I wish I could picture it all as it was.

But I can't, but what I do know is that on that hot sunny August day,I had a beautiful baby boy who has grown up to be one of my best buds.

He really is a good friend. He knows me extremely well and can probably second guess most of my moves and he makes me crease up with laughter every single day. We laugh so much,usually over such ridiculous things that those around us can't quite understand what sets us off,they just know if we are set off trouble is sure to follow!

I feel I'm so lucky to have a friend like him...and I know that as he grows older and finds his way in life this friendship may change but nothing will ever take away the laughs we have had or the deep understanding that we have of each other and what I find really amazing is that this really good friend of mine is my son...the baby I special is that

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